L.A. Writer needed: July to October 2016

Freelance for the world’s coolest creative content company. If you love soccer, that’s a plus.

About Bureau Gravity

Bureau Gravity is a creative communications and marketing firm that uses the methods of traditional journalism – curiosity, discovery and storytelling craft – to help businesses and nonprofit organizations build engaged and lasting relationships with their audiences.

Our creative team includes photographers and videographers, designers, web developers, social media managers, business and content strategists and creative directors with a variety of background and interdisciplinary experiences. Our home office is in downtown Aurora, Illinois, but we have contributing team members across the country.

There are at least three core values baked into our work culture. If you share these values, you’ll probably be happy here. If you don’t, you won’t.

  1. No settling. We like to push the envelope – and ourselves – a little bit creatively, and we’re always looking for ways to improve the quality of our work and the experience of our clients.
  2. Team approach. Much creative work happens in small groups and one-on-one conversations. The first idea is rarely the best. Expect to challenge and be challenged.
  3. Client first. Our process starts and ends with our clients’ needs and goals. That means your own creative instincts are important – but it’s the audience that ultimately matters.

About the Job

Content Reporters find, research and create great content. Usually this means writing online articles, but it can also mean structuring a video, collaborating on an infographic or something else entirely. It’s your job to tell our clients’ stories in the way their audiences will love hearing.

You’ll need to be a gifted and experienced writer who’s comfortable maintaining long-term client relationships to discover and pitch new story ideas. A background in journalism will serve you well; so will any experience in online marketing or social media.

The L.A. reporting position will specifically focus on the local pickup soccer scene. A love of athletics and knowledge of soccer will make the job easier, and more fun, for you. You’ll report remotely to an editor, talking regularly to discuss story ideas and plan a calendar to write from.

Results to Achieve

You’re doing it right if:

  • Your editor is getting about 4 stories a month from you, cleanly written and consistent with the calendar you planned together.
  • You’re building relationships with local soccer players and organizers over time, finding it easier and easier to develop and report story ideas each month.
  • Our online audience is opening and engaging with the pieces you help create.

Ready to Start?

This is a part-time, subcontractor position, so you remain your own boss and can set your own hours and work methods. We’ll pay you hourly for billable work you file in our system, with additional reimbursement for reasonable travel and expenses. Expect 60-80 hours of work over the course of 4 months, with a potential for more if the project goes well.

If this is for you, we’d love to hear from you immediately.

    Please provide links to at least 3 writing samples.