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Your brand is not your logo. It is not your fonts, your color choices or your style guides. Your brand isn’t how you look.

It’s how you’re seen.

Your brand is all about perception – and if they’re not seeing you the way they should, perhaps it’s time for new brand work. Bureau Gravity’s process starts with brand strategy: we’ll identify the pillars that determine who you are and what sets you apart with those you need to reach. We’ll find your brand’s heart in the story you’ve lived and the story you most need to tell.

And then we’ll translate that across your marketing, beginning with the central design elements and form your visual vocabulary. Beginning with logo and with design style.

Because your brand is not your logo – but your logo needs to be your brand.

Corporate Branding

People work with who they know – and brand identity is what helps people know and recognize your organization. Your audience will associate your brand with your product or service; that identity can forge connections with your customers, build loyalty, and determine what they remember and tell others about you.



TechVibe was an event centering on smart-city innovation and development. The logo needed instant recognition from those both inside and outside the area’s tech and government communities. Impact was essential. The colors we chose, along with the simplicity of a typographic mark, helped make this identity memorable. This logo can be reversed easily and sized up or down when necessary.

Primary Logo


Social Media

Alternate logos
Brand Asset Library

Bureau Gravity built a library of brand assets to help unify creative assets across several applications. This meant different designers could work on different Techvibe projects while maintaining the overall brand integrity.

Corporate Design

Your logo starts with your brand – and your corporate design starts with your logo. But it doesn’t end there.

Company packaging, web design, social media graphics, business cards and uniforms all help define and publicize your brand. Nailing your brand identity and nailing your design mean building a successful reputation that’s an accurate representation of the ways you touch the world.

Our great designers are the guardians of your visual identity. They’ll take care to ensure each element – your design colors, shapes, typography, and yes, your logo – is compelling across all environments. Bureau Gravity designers keep your visual voice cohesive, so your brand speaks with consistency across all ecosystems.

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