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Your customers are on social media. But interacting on platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Pinterest to maintain your reputation and win business requires more than an account.

You need content worth sharing. And you need to listen – and respond – in ways that build your brand.

At Bureau Gravity, we leverage robust tools with built-in data analytics to let you track the progress, the success, and the engagement of your social media campaigns across multiple platforms. We start with our strategic knowledge of your brand to set your social media “tone” and “culture.” We supplement with research that helps us know your customers better. Then we build campaigns with you that drive new buyers, increase product adoption and bring more eyes to your brand.

Great marketing on social media makes loyal advocates for your brand, even driving leads and sales. Get started with a conversation with a social media specialist – just use the Contact button on this page.

Strategy & Planning

First, we’ll create a social media strategy that focuses your goals, your vision and your brand identity as they should be experienced on social platforms. Your social strategy is a grounding point for all social media content going forward. From there, we’ll create a content plan that works for you.

Integrated Platform Management

From platform to platform, the Bureau Gravity team knows how to schedule content and report results. Social media is one of the best ways to reach your audience, and we will learn what times, days and types of post perform best.

Our social media specialists use a top industry social management platform to schedule out organic posts up to two months in advance. With approval capabilities, you can stay in the loop through the whole process and share your input.

Custom Communication

Our specialists write standout custom copy for each of your social media posts and ad units. No matter which way your content leans, we’ll be there to execute your message.

Traditional journalism still plays an important role in a successful online social campaign. To get the story of your brand, we report first on you. From a one-on-one interview, to video and photography sessions, we create assets to guide us through your social media message in the most effective way.


We gather data from each social media platform to help guide ongoing marketing strategy. By paying close attention to your social media analytics, you can measure your performance against your goals.

Our team will provide you with a detailed analytical report accompanied with individual campaign performance reviews written by our social media strategists. Our strategies and our reports are customized by client, so you get the information you need based on your goals and the platforms you choose to invest in.