Stacey Hanke, Inc.

Stacey Hanke’s business was being crippled by its own success.

When Hanke came to Bureau Gravity in 2015, the much-lauded keynote speaker and executive coach was spending too much time explaining too many things to too many different people. And it was keeping her from doing what her business needed most.

Stacey Hanke is a literal expert on interpersonal communications; she and her team at Stacey Hanke, Inc. work with large companies across the U.S. to improve skills. Their group workshops, online trainings, keynote speeches and one-on-one mentoring helps executives grow their influence and sales teams improve revenue generation. But offering training in many different formats had come at a cost: Many of Hanke’s clients just didn’t understand the full spectrum of what her company offered. And while new visits to her website were numerous, retention was low – readers were just too confused by what they found there to engage.

Hanke made up the deficit in personal attention, working closely with every prospect and referral source to keep relationships strong and make sure they understood all her company could offer. But as the company continued to grow, all this personalized attention had begun to sapping time and energy that would be better spent on stage, presenting keynotes to an audience. Hanke needed stronger sales tools she could leverage to do more of the explaining for her. She needed more of her audience to understand the fullness of her message, before they ever picked up the phone to call her.

That’s how she explained her goals during Bureau Gravity’s strategic intake process. The resulting Charter Document provided a great foundation for our team to strategize upon, and we presented a number of possible solutions to Stacey and her team before deciding on the best approach.

Our first major project was a series of short web videos. One video laid out the core value proposition of Stacey Hanke, Inc. in a way that every client could understand without getting lost in the weeds. Four more videos highlighted each of the company’s key services using a “Q&A” format that played to Hanke’s strengths and positioned each service as the solution to a particular problem. These five videos became an integral part of the company’s sales process right away, allowing them to match clients with services and explain those services in a way that resonated with clients – all without picking up the phone. All it took to sell was sharing a web link. The results were immediate.

With key sales tools in order, Bureau Gravity moved on to a complete website redesign. We started from the ground up, identifying Hanke’s two core audiences and sketching the ideal user experience for each. New website architecture, development and design followed, resulting in a website that was dramatically simpler and easier to understand, holding readers’ attention for longer and engaging them over time. We created two ebooks from Hanke’s library of content and used them to incentivize each target audience to join her email list.

This website redesign also included the development of a paid-content delivery system to deliver Hanke’s digital trainings to current and future clients. This development project required payment processing and password protention, email integration for delivery of content, and a user-friendly content management system to allow Hanke and her team to edit and update any of the 52 training modules on their own at any time. After completing development and training Stacey and her team, Bureau Gravity’s developer oversaw migration of clients from the old platform to the new platform with no significant issues.

Since Bureau Gravity’s services are subscription-based and integrated, there’s always more to do. To date we’ve helped Hanke with the creation and design of new print materials, we’ve helped launch additional services using both online video and printed brochures, and we’ve developed and executed website and email strategies for an upcoming book launch.