Cabot Microelectronics


Project Details: Catherine Conroy, marketing director for CMC, invited Bureau Gravity over to discuss our capabilities. After listening, Jimi suggested we create a few pilot web videos. The team interviewed two CMC scientists and gathered B-roll. After presenting the test videos, Conroy said, “I’ve never had a vendor nail it – you nailed it.” That first year we created 55 videos for staff recruiting, Linkedin profiles, driving SEO, and 5 global trade-shows. CMC Japan requested that their facility be documented after seeing the US marketing videos. Jimi and Chris flew to Taiwan, Japan and Korea to capture the global employee network and build a B-roll library. We’re currently designing and outfitting the CMC lobby with our proprietary broadcast display system, creating product commercials, technical videos and utilizing the still imagery library we’ve created.


  • Who: Catherine Conroy, Cabot Microelectronics
  • Where: USA, Japan, Taiwan & Korea
  • Support: Strategy, Videography, Photography, Graphic Design, Interior Design Branding

What was Catherine’s dream? A marketing expert, Catherine wanted to give the executives at CMC innovative and creative marketing that gave the company a leg up on the competition.