Roquette Pitch Portfolio

When Beyond Meat® went public, they announced Roquette as their core pea protein provider. For over 86 years, Roquette worked behind the scenes to supply quality ingredients for their clients, so this public announcement caught them off guard. But, it also led them to realize the need for a marketing strategy that would establish Roquette and its pea protein brand, NUTRALYS®, as the industry leader.

Our objective was to revitalize the NUTRALYS® brand and establish a strategy that would connect with their audience. After a lengthy in-depth conversation, we presented a strategy to emotionalize the science behind Roquette, NUTRALYS®, and the other plant-based protein ingredients. Through research and a deep understanding of our communication objectives, we rebranded NUTRALYS® to be the “face” of all plant-based protein for Roquette, evoking our core messaging: quality, sustainability, and innovation.

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This was provided after our first in-person meeting with Roquette.