Landscape Architecture

A big issue with websites today is that the content gets dated. The college of Fine & Applied Arts Landscape Architecture at the University of Illinois wanted something special to attract students from around the world.

Bureau Gravity conceptualized, developed and produced a web channel. We produced new journalistic videos and written content for the channel. It’s what makes our channelized web ecosystems the real deal. We’re in the field and reporting on what they are doing today and into the future.



Channelization: A Three Step Approach

1. Digital Platform

Our digital platform revolutionizes the look & feel and functionality of typical websites. Your site’s main interface functions like a digital magazine where content correlates around a revolving cover theme.

2. Ongoing Content

Your channelized digital platform is fueled by consistent, topical & engaging content. We plan, produce & create original stories that meet your marketing objectives and speak to your target audiences.

3. Strategic Distribution

We vow to the mantra “content is king.” But we also believe that “distribution is queen.” The best content in the world can be created but it’s only when we understand how to strategically spread that content across the web that results actually happen.

Why It Works

  • Storytelling is everything. Stories connect people.
  • Authentic, humanized, content is the key to breaking through the clutter.
  • To create the best narrative, you need an objective and highly interested ear that finds and pieces together all the important themes from a variety of sources to get at the ultimate story.
  • We produce honest, ethical journalistic-style content that’s infused with marketing persuasion.
  • Our revolutionized website design transforms basic company websites into topical, digital magazines that are entertainment-based and content-driven platforms.
  • Our secret sauce is our trusted strategic methodology that is 15 years in the making and has been a proven success with small businesses and large corporations alike.