We created a pitch presentation video for a Chicago based development group, one of two firms selected by then Mayor Rahm Emanuel to present. The IMAGINE project, the redevelopment of the former Michael Reese Hospital site and adjacent properties, would have been a vibrant, diverse, pedestrian and family-friendly, sustainable community in Bronzeville; the primary goal of which is to accelerate the positive transformation of Chicago’s south side by expanding access to opportunities, and quality of life of local residents.

The Process

After receiving notice that Imagine Project was selected for a final presentation we were commissioned to produce a visual piece with a strong narrative and emotive quality to set the mood at the start of the in-person presentation.

After the client meeting a narrative was written and approved within a week. A three-man team – Jimi Allen, Chris Rud and Troy Murphy – filmed around Bronzeville and Chicago. Editing took another week and the final project was delivered to the client for the presentation to the City of Chicago.

Watch the Video