Hursthouse Landscape Architects and Contractors

When the world changed, so did Hursthouse clients.

Hursthouse Landscape Architects and Contractors had been in business almost 25 years when they decided to call Bureau Gravity. The boutique landscape design and construction firm had built a reputation for quality and relational service, and was enjoying the success that comes from putting clients first in every interaction. But since the recession of 2008, communicating with those clients had become increasingly difficult.

Social websites like were training clients to participate differently in the landscape design process. And yet, clients still weren’t experts. They had less time than ever, but they wanted more information than ever. And the things that truly set Hursthouse apart were beginning to get lost in all the noise.

It was time to communicate to the Internet-era landscaping client. People were doing research before they called, and Hursthouse needed to educate them. People wanted to see and experience what working with Hursthouse was like before they called, and Hursthouse needed to show them. People wanted to peek behind the creative curtain, and Hursthouse needed to let them.

The Hursthouse leadership team identified and named these goals and problems in a series of face-to-face interviews during the Bureau Gravity process – and began to build the relationships with their new marketing team that would drive efforts for years to come. Bureau Gravity strategists built a plan with a number of components based on those goals. Then our creatives set to work.

Next came the content: First, a series of three project profiles that included copy and photographs, but was centered around video tours of past landscaping projects in order to play to founder Bob Hursthouse’s welcoming onscreen personality. More content followed in the form of blog articles, photo stories, infographics and short educational videos. Every piece was planned to appeal to popular search-engine keywords and address client FAQ. Each one highlighted the expertise of the Hursthouse staff in ways that were practical, useful and easy to read or watch. The Hursthouse website hosted an average of one new piece of content for every week of its first six months in action.

In the years since, Bureau Gravity has continued to meet with Hursthouse leadership to identify new goals and plan new strategies accordingly. When Hursthouse wanted to strengthen communication with prospects between first meeting and final contract, we set up a new Client Relationship Management software system and trained Hursthouse staff to use it, integrating sales analytics and developing a series of triggered sales emails and accompanying blog articles that allows the Hursthouse office team to share original, personalized content with prospects while they wait on a final design – all with the click of a button.

Since Bureau Gravity’s services are subscription-based and integrated, there’s always more to do – but the relationship allows for increased efficiency with each passing year. Bureau Gravity designers create original Christmas cards and mailers, Bureau Gravity video teams cover the annual staff retreat, and Bureau Gravity photographers and writers develop staff profiles, cover new projects or go wherever the next valuable piece of content will be found. With each year that passes the fit becomes closer – and the communications budget stretches further – as we reap the rewards of ongoing relationship.