Founded in 1954, Chamberlain Group (CGI) is a leading global manufacturer best known for its garage door opener product lines. They have worked hard to reach their number one spot in the industry. But in order to stay the best, they know they have to keep moving, keep improving, keep evolving. So, they set out to one up themselves and transform their company.

With modern technology evolving, it was important CGI evolve with it. New innovations, new products…how do you capture and convey the ideas behind all of this “new” to your employees?

Enter Bureau Gravity.

With a headquarter relocation happening, it was vital that CGI have proper communication management in place. Keeping communication open and accessible is key during times of change and transformation. Bureau Gravity built an internal-facing website called CGIToday that functioned like a digital magazine housing all pertinent information about the move logistics, building details and exciting new amenities. BG also built a customized FAQ portal and a wayfinding application called MapIt that informed employees where they’d be seated and how to navigate the new 4-story building. They produced a number of informational videos to generate excitement and provide information about the new company headquarters. After the move, BG evolved the website to function as a centralized destination for company news, updates, stories and spotlight pieces. We empowered CGI employees with the knowledge they craved to feel informed, safe, and on board with all the “newness” being thrown at them.

Knowing the capabilities of Bureau Gravity and enlisting full trust, CGI approached BG with a very aggressive deadline to completely revamp and overhaul their employee intranet – which merged some of the features and functionality of the existing CGIToday website. The new intranet was based on the concept of culture and change management. It provided custom tools to help employees work better, as well as stories straight from the mouths of those employed by CGI. It united the large workforce and helped manage the potential feeling of disruption or panic that can come with companywide changes. Bureau Gravity helped to normalize what was happening, and empowered employees to embrace it.

With Bureau Gravity producing multiple stories a month, the content on the new website is always fresh, always intriguing, and always readily available to the staff. In 2017, Bureau Gravity won CGI’s “Supplier of the Year” award. The partnership is continuing to evolve and grow in 2018 too. This year, BG is building upon the new intranet, creating regular video stories and publishing content to the employee base. The goal is to continue to strengthen CGI’s culture and inspire employees to continue developing products and solutions that meet customer needs and demands. The partnership between CGI and Bureau Gravity continues to grow, and there’s no limit on what the future holds for them.