Carter, Inc. was losing business to inferior competitors.

After 25 years of successful business, Steve Carter’s relocation consulting firm had developed a one-of-a-kind culture – and remarkable client experience. Carter had grown from merely offering its clients tactical expertise, to engaging with companies on many levels in order to reap many benefits. Carter could still help clients change location – or it could help them transform themselves in the process.

But new prospects didn’t know that. The added value evident in Carter’s services wasn’t evident in its marketing – and the firm had begun losing bids to low-price, low-value competition as a result.

Carter’s work with Bureau Gravity started with a deep discovery process. In-depth interviews with founder Steve Carter, members of the leadership team and key business development personnel combined to paint a fuller picture of what truly set Carter apart – and why prospective client companies weren’t understanding that. Carter consultants work in many different markets across the United States; in some its services were a matter of course, while in others they were almost a completely new concept. Its messaging would need to be concise, consistent – and flexible enough that business development teams could cater a pitch differently for each unique prospect.

The “Carter difference” had to be consistently communicated. But the details had to change to suit each client’s needs.

After discovery during Bureau Gravity’s Charter process, our strategic work led to a newer, simpler 3-point paradigm for explaining Carter’s services. We developed a new logo, new design approach and core messages, then workshopped it all with Carter leadership until the presentation felt right.

Next it was time for website redesign. Carter’s website was completely rebuilt – with one eye on stronger visuals and less cluttered messaging, but with another eye on maintaining the search-engine results and keyword recognition Carter had already been enjoying.

In addition to presenting Carter’s brand, the website was developed as a place for housing a new library of sales tools that development staff could use to customize pitches according to each prospect’s market, needs and level of familiarity. After years of emailing file attachments and distributing physical material with diminishing success, having a digital library of articles and case studies literally at their fingertips meant a new approach for the business development team.

In the months since launch, Bureau Gravity has continued to develop new online content for Carter, both in the form of client-specific sales tools and in the form of thought leadership opportunities to help founder Steve Carter build his personal brand and reach a broader audience with his company’s unique philosophy. Bureau Gravity has designed print materials from proposal materials to letterhead, and is increasingly becoming a part of the Carter communications team.